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This web site provides clinical trial data, results and other information from or regarding AstraZeneca-sponsored clinical trials.

  • This site is part of our commitment to provide patients and healthcare professionals with meaningful information about AstraZeneca medicines and drugs in development.
  • Because we operate in an ever-changing environment, we monitor closely the developments and the advancements in this area to ensure we remain at the forefront of best practice in publicly sharing our clinical trial research.
  • Our promise to post results, irrespective of whether they are favourable or unfavourable to AstraZeneca, remains unchanged.
  • We have been making clinical trial research publicly available since 2005. For more information, please see - “Disclosure Commitment”.
This information is not intended to replace the informed medical advice or medical treatments of a health care professional. Only a physician can determine if a specific medicine is the correct treatment for a particular patient. If you have questions regarding any information contained in this site, you must consult a suitably qualified healthcare professional. Before prescribing any AZ products, Healthcare Professionals should view their country specific information.

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Disclosure Commitment

AstraZeneca has a long-standing commitment to making information about our clinical research publicly available.


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